Middle school students have fun honing math skills

More than 180 eight grade Algebra I students bolstered their mathematical powers at the third annual Super Algebra Camp.

The fun-filled day took place at Pica Pica Plaza Event Center on the day of the eight grade Math STAAR exam. Since eighth grade students in Algebra I don’t take the exam until May, the Harlandale ISD math department seized the opportunity to provide a day for students to brush up on math problems they don’t normally see in the classroom.    

Students from each of the four middle schools worked together in groups to solve math problems and earn points. The team that solved each activity first, earned five points. On their down time, the students worked on the algebra mystery, which was worth 50 points. Top prizes included Kindles, graphic calculators and MP3 players.

To tie it all in, the teams created posters that summarized what they learned throughout the day.

Harlandale ISD Math Coordinator Gaby McMillian enjoyed seeing the students collaborate and work together across the district. She noted that at first they seemed reluctant to sit with each other, but shortly after they were bonding over math equations and geometric transformations.

The event culminated with some karaoke fun. Students burst into cheers as their peers sang their own renditions of popular songs from artists like Adele and Twenty One Pilots.  

Algebra Camp


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2017 Super Algebra Camp
Uploaded: 29 March, 2017

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