Motivational speaker gets Adams ES fired up

Adams Elementary School was flowing with enthusiasm after a special visit from motivational speaker Aric Bostick on Jan. 17.

Bostick spent the whole day at the campus and motivated both students and staff members.

“We wanted to build community with our students and to give them a boost as we head towards STAAR testing time,” Adams ES Social Worker Jennifer Montes said. “With our staff, we wanted to also invigorate them and to provide some team building to unify our staff.”

Bostick kicked-off the day by sharing his own personal journey to third and fifth grade students. He showed them that no matter what obstacles may be in their way, there are always opportunities for them to succeed.

“We wanted our students to see that they have the power to improve themselves and to reach their goals in life,” Montes explained. “Sometimes, just a change of mindset can get students motivated to be more proactive in their own learning. We don’t want our students to feel like they are just going through the motions at school.  We hope they will take ownership of their own learning and strive to improve daily, not just for their teachers, but for themselves.” 

During lunchtime, Bostick hosted a pep talk with six designated students. He spoke to them about making good choices and about choosing to succeed. He let them express their goals and the obstacles in their way.  He mentioned to them that some obstacles can be easily overcome, while others may take time, but that they should never give up. 

Up next was the Student Leadership Training session. A select group of 106 students participated in this session. Bostick shared more about his story and the stories of kids he has met all over the country.   He taught them leadership skills including, how to introduce themselves, how to confidently talk to someone they didn’t know. 

All faculty and staff, including paraprofessionals and custodial staff, attended the after school session where Bostick talked to them about being present and striving to bring their best each and every day.  He encouraged them to be mindful of their students and how their home situations may impact their ability to be fully engaged in class every day. 

“We were inspired by his messages and staff left the meeting already planning ways to improve their teaching and to engage with their peers,” Montes said.

The staff members weren’t the only ones left inspired though. As he walked the halls, he was getting high fives, shouts of “You’re Awesome” and hugs from students. 

As the kids left school at the end of the day, they were calling out to him from their cars and asking him to come back and visit again. 

“On Wednesday morning, there was already a different vibe as students and staff arrived at school,” Montes added. “Adams Elementary has been FIRED UP!”


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