Rayburn celebrates traditional Mexican holiday

Dual language students and families celebrated Rayburn’s very first “Fiesta de la Posada” with songs, delicious food and a piñata earlier this week.

First grade Dual Language Teacher Evelyn Bushart came up with the bright idea and the Dual Language team quickly got on board to make her vision a reality.

“We work very well together here at Rayburn so whatever anybody wants, we are willing to help out any way we can,” third grade Dual Language Teacher Elisa Tellez-Treviño said.

The goal of the event was to celebrate culture and to promote the dual language program.

“By us creating these type of events, it makes parents feel welcome and we can make more activities that are specific to dual language kids,” Bushart said.

The event kicked-off with a mini parade, followed by beautiful performances from every grade level.

After the performances, families enjoyed delicious tamales, champurrado, buñuelos, pan dulce and hojarascas.

In true posada fashion, the event wrapped up with a piñata.

“We want the parents and the community to be more excited about involving their students in this type of program,” Tellez-Treviño concluded.  


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