Rayburn Elementary students participate in ‘Kids Heart Challenge’

Rayburn Elementary students participate in ‘Kids Heart Challenge’
Posted on 01/25/2019

Rayburn Elementary School students celebrated the end of the school’s “Kids Heart Challenge” on Jan. 25.

The nationwide program helps children learn about the health benefits of regular physical activity and gives them an opportunity to raise money to support the American Heart Association.

Together, the students raised more than $750 and many of them donated in honor of longtime Harlandale ISD employee Maggie Trevino, who served the district for 40 years.

Rayburn Elementary Principal Faith Molina was proud to see the students come together to donate in her memory as she feels that Ms. Maggie is remembered as the “heart” of Rayburn Elementary.

During the “Kids Heart Challenge,” Rayburn Elementary Coaches David Alonzo and Irene Ybarra taught kids different heart physical activities such as jump rope and basketball games while they explained how the heart works. The challenge also focused on students avoiding sugary drinks, doing at least one good deed, and exercising for 60 minutes every day.

“The students enjoyed participated in the challenge,” Coach Alonzo said. “They also learned that by working together, they can make a difference in the lives of others.”

Way to go, Rayburn Panthers!

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