Rayburn Panthers Scream for STREAM

Rayburn Elementary families unleashed their creativity at the school’s first STREAM Night. Attendees participated in interactive activities that featured science, technology, recreation, engineering, arts and mathematics.

The three-hour event kicked-off with a viewing of the computer-animated superhero comedy Megamind, followed by the Cardboard Challenge.

During this activity, families were given cardboard boxes, scissors, markers and tape. They had five minutes to ignite an idea and 15 minutes to make it come to life.

In those first few minutes, students and parents put their brains together and got their creative juices flowing. As soon as the 15 minute timer began, hands hastily snipped at cardboard and taped it back together in ingenious ways. 

In the last few seconds, the excitement was palpable as participants with frazzled nerves squealed and to put the finishing touches on their final masterpieces. When they finished with the timer, they congratulated each other with high fives and hugs.

The end result was inspiring as plain cardboard boxes were transformed into an oven with cookies baking inside, into a NASA Rocket Ship, a theatrical scenario of the Muppets and many other art works.

“I hadn’t seen so much creativity in a long time,” GT Specialist Sonia Cuellar said. “It’s important that we foster this creativity with our kiddos because I truly believe that this will help them be problem solvers and lifelong learners, which is what companies look for when they hire applicants.”

After the Cardboard Challenge, families got to see a Laser Quest demonstration, they visited the GEEK Bus where they learned about 3D printing, they participated in a robotics activity, they learned about health and wellness at the gym, they completed candy patterns, learned about stop animation, completed a boat floating activity, estimated the circumference of a pumpkin an viewed an art gallery that featured students’ rendition of Edvard Much’s famous iconic “The Scream” painting.

“Students tend to see science and math as challenging, and yes it is, but it is also fun and you need to know the foundation in order to do some of these things,” Rayburn Principal Faith Molina said. “It’s showing them how science and technology are important in our lives and just how fun it can be so they can see it as a potential career.”

To wrap up the hands-on event, families enjoyed pizza and prizes.

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