Rey Feo LXX visits Harlandale ISD

Students at Gillette and Adams Elementary Schools received a royal surprise this week.

Rey Feo LXX Ken Flores and his royal court paid a visit to each campus Tuesday morning to spread some Fiesta joy and remind students about the importance of education.

Mariachi music and the cheers of students filled the air as Rey Feo introduced himself and his royal court, which included his daughter, Ariana, serving as Reina de la Feria de las Flores.

During his visit, Rey Feo encouraged all students to pursue a higher education, make healthy lifestyle choices and explore their community.

To motivate the young students, he designated them as official Rey Feo explorers and gave them all blue wristbands. 

“This year’s motto is ‘Exploration through Education,’ so go check out new things, visit new places and explore,” Rey Feo said. “Go to a mission, park, hospital, museum, police station, fire department or art exhibit. San Antonio is rich in history and traditions.”

He also encouraged them to read more books, listen to their teachers, eat healthy and exercise every day.

Rey Feo concluded his visit by recognizing several students, the principals, counselors and librarians for all of their hard work and dedication.

Finally, he thanked the students for their time and said goodbye, but not before teaching them how to say, “Viva, Fiesta!”

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Rey Feo LXX visits Harlandale ISD
Uploaded: 06 April, 2018

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