S.A. Aquarium visits HISD Pre-K 4 students

The San Antonio Aquarium surprised all Harlandale ISD Pre-K 4 students by bringing a variety of exotic creatures this week.

As part of the district’s on-site field trip program, the aquarium visited all HISD elementary schools, including the Fenley Center on Nov. 15.

Students met an Australian rose-breasted cockatoo, an Australian parakeet, a Honduran milk snake, a leopard gecko, a corn snake, a Texas tarantula, a Mexican black kingsnake, a bearded dragon and Madagascar hissing cockroaches!

“This is a great opportunity for our kids,” Fenley Center teacher Lisa Hernandez said. “They are learning about animals that they don’t see every day, and we can take that knowledge and extend it in the classroom.”

All the students were in awe as they listened to the aquarium’s education coordinator share interesting facts about the creatures’ living and eating habits.

“The kids really enjoyed themselves and became more adventurous,” Hernandez added. “They were not afraid to touch the animals and learned that they don’t always have to be afraid of them.”

The aquarium also displayed several items for the kids to see, including a shark’s tooth, a shed snake skin, an eel skull, octopus eggs and a sea star. 

S.A. Aquarium visits HISD Pre-K 4 students

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