SAFB donates holiday food boxes to HISD elementary students

Thanks to a generous donation from the San Antonio Food Bank (SAFB), every elementary student in Harlandale ISD received a free box full of food to take home for the holidays.

The SAFB delivered a total of 7,341 holiday food boxes to all HISD elementary schools, including the Jewel Weitzel Center, on Dec. 19.

“This is the first time HISD receives a food donation of this kind,” Dolly Armstrong, lead wellness and P.E. facilitator at Harlandale ISD, said. “I’m thrilled! It’s because of these great nonprofits that we are able to help meet the needs of our students.”

Every box contained 12 delicious entrees, 12 starch items, 12 fruits, 12 desserts and 12 cutlery kits. Some of the food items included a chicken salad, tuna, chili, spam, beans, soup, protein bars, chips, raisins, mixed fruit cups, applesauce, cookies, oatmeal cream pie and pudding!

Morrill Elementary Social Worker Becky Gonzalez expressed her gratitude for this incredible donation as it will provide a helping hand to hundreds of families in need.

“It’s a blessing to our families in our community,” she said. “A lot of our students’ families are unemployed during this time of year, and they can’t afford the meals, the Christmas gifts and the Christmas tree, so this will definitely help them offset those Christmas expenses.”

Students could not contain their excitement as they were all individually called to receive their own box. They all smiled and laughed as they walked away with their box.

“It was a big surprise for our students,” Gonzalez added. “They were all curious and asking, ‘Is this for me?’ ‘Can I take it home?’ They were very grateful.”

A big thank you to SAFB for making this wonderful donation this time of year! 
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