SAPL visits Morrill Elementary

SAPL visits Morrill Elementary
Posted on 06/08/2018

San Antonio Public Library (SAPL) representatives visited Morrill Elementary Monday morning to share information about the free programs available to students during the summer.

Nicole Garza and Valerie Shelley, from Pan American Library, invited all grade levels to celebrate the city’s tricentennial with “Adventures in Library Land,” a sweet, game-board style adventure through books inspired by well-known children’s game, “Candy Land.”

They encouraged all students to bring their families during their summer break to visit their closest SAPL to read books, play games and enjoy different activities. Children earn a free book after reading eight books.

“We want to make sure the kiddos know that when their school libraries are closed, there are other libraries open, where they can go and continue reading during the summer,” Garza said. “We also have programs for all ages, so if they want to do arts and crafts or hands-on projects, we have that too.”

Some of the events at the Pan American branch include: San Antonio Ghost Hunters on June 9, Candy Sushi Food Demo on June 11, Pokémon Champions on June 17 and Happy Tails (exotic petting zoo) on July 11.

“We want to invite all families to visit us,” Shelley added. “Students can come and check out books, check out movies, use computers or read. We have something for everybody.”

The students had the opportunity to ask questions after the presentation and left feeling excited to visit the library during the summer.

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