Snapology engages kindergarten students

Snapology engages kindergarten students
Posted on 02/10/2017

Harlandale ISD kindergarten students are learning about science, technology, engineering and mathematics in a snap.

Snapology, a company that offers a variety of lego and robotics activities designed to reinforce lessons taught in class, visited several Harlandale ISD elementary campuses this week to foster creative learning. The goal is to promote a love for STEM by snapping lego bricks together.

“We care a lot about inspiring kids about what they can become in the future,” Snapology part-owner Alejandra Cantu said. “They can become mathematicians, scientist or engineers so we try to inspire them through our activities.”

Adams kindergarten students are currently learning about the solar system, therefore, their activity was all about astronomy. After a brief robotics demonstration of the earth spinning around the sun, students were encouraged to recreate their own planet out of lego bricks.

“We try to promote creativity and engage the students in hands on activities so that they can build and they can create what they are learning at the same time,” Cantu explained.

The thematic approach is exactly what Harlandale ISD GT Specialist Sonia Cuellar likes the most about Snapology.

“We love that it’s thematic and that it ties into the kinder curriculum,” Cuellar said. “So far it’s gone great with the kids, you’ll see them being engaged, once you leave them to work they just work.”

Snapology had visited during STEM nights, but this was the first time it visited during school hours to reach all students.

“We are very proud to be here and we are very passionate about teaching kids and about inspiring them to become the scientist and engineers of tomorrow,” Cantu added. 

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