Stonewall Flanders ES hosts fun boot camp for students with high attendance

Stonewall Flanders Elementary School students enjoyed a fun Army Boot Camp on Oct. 10 as a reward for maintaining a 96 percent or above attendance rate for the first six weeks.

Students participated in a friendly tug of war, rally race and freeze tag where they learned how fitness can be healthy and fun.

“All grade levels, Pre-K through fifth, participated; 457 out of 559 students qualified,” Stonewall Flanders Elementary School Principal Dr. Traci Smith said. “It’s important to provide these incentives to encourage good attendance.”

All the field day activities were planned by Camp Gladiator and military personnel, where students danced and played to the rhythm of music and competed in teams at various fitness stations. 

“We set up a little field day to bring a healthy environment,” Camp Gladiator Fitness Instructor Matthew Gonzales said. “We are trying to show the kids that it’s fun to work out, and it doesn’t always have to be a grueling thing.”

The students were seen laughing and playing as their competitive spirit motivated them to try their best at every station.

Dr. Smith announced that the school has five more attendance incentives scheduled throughout the rest of the school year, including a falcon dance, snow slide, obstacle course, game bus and water slide.

Stonewall Flanders Boot Camp

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