Stonewall Flanders Elementary students slide toward high attendance

When Principal Dr. Traci Smith joined Stonewall Flanders Elementary this school year, one of her goals was to strive for perfect attendance.

As a way to encourage students to attend school every day, she came up with different attendance incentives to be held at the end of every six-week period. The most recent one, a Snow Slide Day, took place on Jan. 22.

“Students who have a 96 percent attendance rate or higher from the beginning of the year to this past Friday were rewarded with a Snow Slide Day,” Dr. Smith said. “I thought it would be a good idea because although we had snow this year, other than that, many of them had not experienced snow before.”

The kids could not contain their excitement as they glided down the snow-covered slide multiple times with the help of their principal and McCollum High School students.

“At first, they were a little nervous at the top, but once they went down they wanted to do it again,” Dr. Smith said. 

The students cheered for one another and even encouraged their teachers and principal to join the fun.

“I think the students are starting to understand that as they come to school more often, they’ll have incentives like this, and it encourages them to be here,” Assistant Principal Luis Torres said. “It’s really exciting to see them and it gives them something to look forward to. Dr. Smith is doing some great things in our school.”

The next attendance incentives include an obstacle course, a game truck and a water slide.


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Stonewall Flanders Elementary students slide toward high attendance
Uploaded: 26 January, 2018

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