Stonewall Flanders hosts Snow Slide Day for attendance

Stonewall Flanders hosts Snow Slide Day for attendance
Posted on 01/25/2019

Students with high attendance at Stonewall Flanders enjoyed a fun Snow Slide Day on Jan. 22.

As one of the most popular attendance incentives used last school year, Stonewall Flanders Principal Dr. Traci Smith decided to bring it back this year to encourage more students to strive for perfect attendance.

The idea worked as more students made sure to be on time every day this school year. One of those students is third-grader Zaylah Casso. She made sure not to miss the slide this year.

“Last year, I was sad I wasn’t able to do it,” she said. “I wanted to have fun, so I told my parents and they made sure to wake me up earlier and not miss school. I want to do it again next year.”

Zaylah and her fellow classmates had the opportunity to glide down the snow-covered slide multiple times with the help of Principal Dr. Smith and McCollum High School students, who volunteered their time to help the students.

The students had so much fun as they cheered for one another, giggled and smiled as they went down the slide.

Way to go, Falcons!


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