Stonewall Flanders hosts successful Math Night

Stonewall Flanders hosts successful Math Night
Posted on 11/09/2018

Stonewall Flanders Elementary celebrated an interactive Candyland-themed Math Night on Nov. 2.

The goal was to bring the community together to engage in the math that happens every day in the classroom in a fun and exciting manner.

“We wanted parents to have an opportunity to interact with their child as they demonstrate the math they are learning,” SWF Math Instructional Coach Cynthia Lopez said. “Most importantly, the goal was to build an excitement and love of math.” 

Through their Candyland theme, the campus created five stations that included activities that were differentiated by grade level and offered in both Spanish and English.

The campus purposefully chose math concepts that stretched throughout the grade levels: Place Value, Operations Fluency, Data Analysis, Geometry, and Measurement. Each station had a theme that incorporated candy as a manipulative, the themes were: Lollipop Woods, Gumdrop Mountain, Chocolate Swamps, Sweet & Salty Delight, and Marshmallow Heaven.

Judging by their outstanding turnout, it's fair to say that it was a successful event!

Families were engaged in the math together. Even older siblings from middle school and high school were playing the math games with their younger siblings.

“Our families stayed until the very end and many expressed their excitement throughout the event,” Lopez added. “We thoroughly enjoyed bringing the community together!” 

Awesome job, Falcons!



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