Students enjoy hands-on learning at McCollum’s STEAM night

Harlandale ISD students enjoyed a night full of learning during McCollum’s spooky STEAM night on Oct. 25.

As a celebration of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics, students of all ages participated in a variety of hands-on activities and interactive challenges.

The school’s cafeteria and courtyard provided different learning experiences that ranged from art projects to science experiments.

Young innovators were seen extracting DNA from strawberries, turning T-shirts into a tote bags with just a pair of scissors and even launching straw rockets.    

“These activities are important to get the kids involved in higher order thinking,” MHS math teacher Megan Huckins said. “It also shows the kids that subjects and disciplines can be fun and cool.”

Some of the most popular activities included a virtual reality game, a recipe to create slime, a swinging cup of paint that created ellipses on paper and students working together to create a large hexagonal spiral on the pavement.

“We usually create small hexagonal spirals in class with a compass, but here we are using ourselves as the compass,” Huckins explained. “We are using a string attached to our leg to create circles and when the circles intercept, we connect the dots to make a hexagon. We’re having the kids color it with chalk like a rainbow, which is pretty incredible.”

Overall, the students and their families were seen enjoying every activity. After completing each station, they received a stamp on their “passport book,” earning them a delicious snow cone at the end of the night. 

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Students enjoy hands-on learning at McCollum’s STEAM night
Uploaded: 27 October, 2017

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