Wild Things Zoofari visits Harlandale ISD Pre-K students

Wild Things Zoofari visits Harlandale ISD Pre-K students
Posted on 01/18/2019

All Harlandale ISD Pre-K students received a surprise visit from Wild Things Zoofari this week.

The young students had the amazing opportunity to learn more about the different exotic creatures that exist around the world.

Zoologist Greg Carter allowed the kids to pet an adorable baby spotted genet, skunk, three-banded armadillo, tenrac and a red-ruffed lemur! The students were excited to learn more about their behavior, diet and habitat.

The kids adored every second the presentation including observing the skunk walking around and seeing the armadillo curl up into a ball.

Harlandale ISD Early Childhood Mentor Dina Perales said the visit is a great learning experience for the students as it helps them make connections of what they are learning in the classroom.

“At the early childhood level it is vital for children to be introduced to as many people, things, animals and experiences as possible,” Perales said. “Through these experiences, children will be able to make connections to relevant academics at school.”

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