Electronic W-2 Consent Info REVISED 11/16/18

District employees now have the option of choosing to receive their Form W-2 via electronic delivery ONLY.  This means that a paper W-2 will not be mailed, but you will have access to print your W-2 by logging in to ITCCS Employee Access (EA). The advantages of receiving your W-2 electronically include:

  • Your personal information will not be sent through the mail.
  • You will not have to wait for delivery by mail.
  • You can view and print your W-2 at your convenience.

If you would like to receive your W-2 in electronic format only, you must submit your consent in EA.  The link to EA is on the District website in the Staff menu. This is the same website you use to view your pay stubs and addendum. 

To consent –

  1. Log in to EA.
  2. Click on the W-2 box.
  3. Click on the W-2 Consent box in the top center of the screen 
  4. A screen will pop up with important disclosures regarding electronic W-2s. Please read these carefully.
  5. Click on YES to consent or NO to decline consent.

If you select YES to consent-

  1.  You must submit your consent by the close of business on January 10th of the next year for your consent to be in effect for the previous year’s Form W-2. For example, you must submit your consent by January 10, 2019 for your 2018 Form W-2 to be delivered electronically.
  2. Your consent to electronic Form W-2 is in effect for all future calendar years until consent is withdrawn or termination of employment. Individuals no longer employed with the District will receive their Form W-2 via U.S. mail.
  3. The District WILL NOT mail you a paper copy of your W-2. However, you may request one in writing to hisdpayroll@harlandale.net. Request for a paper copy does not withdraw your consent to electronic transmission.  Please allow up to 5 working days to complete your request.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email if your consent is successful.  Your confirmation will be sent to your Harlandale ISD email address. 
  5. Once W-2’s are processed, current employees will receive an email from the Payroll Department notifying you when your Form W-2 is available in EA. The subject line of the email will contain the following statement in capital letters, “IMPORTANT TAX RETURN DOCUMENT AVAILABLE”.  
  6. An internet connection, PDF viewer and printer will be necessary to view and print your Form W-2.  Please note that although you receive your W-2 electronically you may be required to print and attach your W-2 to your annual tax return.  
  7. You may withdraw your consent by selecting NO in the consent box at your discretion. Your withdrawal of consent will be effective on the date received. If consent is withdrawn, it will only be effective for those W-2 statements not yet issued. Employees wishing to withdraw their consent for 2017 must do so by January 10, 2018. You will receive a confirmation email if your withdrawal is successful.

If you select NO to decline consent OR if you do nothing-

  1. A paper copy of your Form W-2 will be mailed to you by the IRS deadline of January 31st. Copies will be mailed to the address in ITCCS as of the date W-2s are printed. Please verify your mailing address with the Human Resources Department at (210) 989-4410  by January 10th to ensure timely delivery of your W-2. Your Form W-2 will also be available in EA to view and print no later than January 31st

You may view and print previous calendar year W-2s in EA. Form W-2 for the calendar year of 2009 and subsequent years can be accessed via EA by:

  1. Log in to EA.
  2. Click on the W-2 box.
  3. Select the calendar year and frequency.
  4. Click on the Print box at the top of the screen to view and print your W-2. If you are using a public computer, be sure to log out of EA and close your Form W-2 to prevent your information from being viewed by others. If you print your W-2 to a network printer, be sure to collect your W-2 promptly.

There are computer stations throughout the District for you to log in to EA.  The computer stations are in the School Library, Teacher’s Lounge, Computer Lab, Cafeteria Manager’s Office, MOST, Mechanic Shop, HR, and Transportation.

If you have any questions regarding consent or require assistance to log in to EA, contact the Payroll department at 210-989-4310.

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